Welcome! I’m Chantel and am the owner and artist of Chantel Cherie Photography.

I am passionate about the art of photography and absolutely love what I do! As an artist, I take great pleasure in creating the most beautiful photographs from the most memorable parts of my client’s lives.


The medium of photography has spoken to me since my first photography class in high school.  I immediately responded to the art – finding such interest and satisfaction in the editing process and seeing that perfect final product come to fruition.


Photography really came to a forefront in my life when I was pregnant and decided I wanted to be able to photograph my child and preserve those moments in a lasting and beautiful way.


I really wanted to take my art to a new level of professionalism and learn even more about photography.  After endless hours of practice and study and with a natural eye towards taking photos I have now launched and run a thriving photography business where I am happy to serve so many satisfied clients in the most important moments of their lives.


Some things that inspire me and can be seen incorporated into my photographs are:


  • Simplicity 
  • Modern vintage 
  • Bright natural tones
  • Capturing real and natural life moments more than poses
  • The architecture and tones of Europe as well as the tranquility and beauty of the mountains    
  • Details (I love capturing things that most people would forget about but would love to remember) 


I love shoots where I'm able to really feel and understand my clients through the emotions they show.  I feel so honored to be part of such an intimate time in my client’s lives and help artistically preserve those moments for them.


Many of my photoshoots have been life changing simply from the emotions I feel from my clients and through the things I get to see and experience alongside them.


I truly have the most wonderful job in the world and it is a pleasure to practice my passion every day!